I didnt wait

0_lmcm_differenzafor long to hear what you tried to say me earlier. Now i smiling, looking at yours wonderful eyes. Now you are smiling also to me, wherever you are and whatever you doing i feeling you look at up at the sky and what i hearing is just you whispering my name. I closing my eyes for a while and right after you are in front of me. Suddendly we are in ours parellel world. Slowly you take my hands to your chest. For a while i remain speechless. I try to say something, but i cant. What you are doing in this hours is the same im doing here. We are throwing behind the shoulders pieces of ours lived lives to goes on, we are doing at the same time. What you showed me is just a little part of your life, but what i understood is big.
I still cant believe how is bigger ours connection. Neither we met us, but in someways, you and me are connected. I remain still speechless, how it’s all that has began.
Im sure you read something i wrote directly to you. Im sure some specific yours replies were directed to me. But i didnt never imagined all that. Is this open diary the right path to meet us? I dont know, but what i feeling is stronger everyday and what you whisper me everyday inside me, it’s what you do few hours after. Ours parellel world does really exists? We are really connected.
I don’t want drive crazy. But it’sĀ  just what has happening among us. A real connection.


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