You was

wdw_sommaby my side when i was sleeping, i felt you. I felt your hand on my face. You was caressed it so gently. I felt them. I was close eyes, but if i was open my eyes, i’m sure you was here by my side. Eyes in eyes. I felt your fingers on my skin.
I felt your lips touches mine with all your kindness. My dancing butterflies still dancing their own dance like crazy one. Your kisses take me in ours parellel world and you are there waiting for me. You take my hand, looking at my eyes with yours and i drive crazy. You taking my hand to your heart, feel it. It beats so faster,  like mine. We look at us, with no add further words. And slowly we approach us. Face to face, eyes in eyes. Speechless we kiss us wih little kisses. The most kindness kisses we gave us.


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