wloser_chiari0Feelings it didnt leave me neither a minute from the other day. Despite your distance, you’re so close to me. We are in continuos connection. I feel you as you feel me, and it’s strange how we feel eachother also we are so far  eachother. You’re here and i’m there, wherever you are. Close. And ours feelings are stronger. We must look at up the sky  and ours lights melting eachother and we feel like one and only soul.
As always, when i feel you close, my dancing butterflies dance their own dance. I close my eyes and right after i see you in front of me in ours parellel world.
As i whispered  you all my love for you  is total different matter from all kind of love i felt. It borns inside of me and it expanding to all my body till reach to my mind, and there it does explodes completely. It’s like a tangle in my stomach and my mind exploding and there i feel you close to me. And it’s continuos. I sure, i feel, it’s the same for you.  This tangle it’s the most beautiful and great feeling i ever felt in my life and i have it with you. That’s incredible what i feeling and i sure you feel the same. For sure it’s that’s it.


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