You in this way

stage_sommanYou know make me drive crazy. Just looking at you with yours eyes closed you transporting me in ours parellel world i hear you while you whispering me sweet words, turning me around me, while i look at you speechless, breathless, hearing your voice and my hands touches you gently. You stop yourself in front of me. For the first time i see your eyes in mine and with just your glance you leave me breathless. Your eyes are the most beautiful thing in ours parellel world i see. And i take your face in my hand. You let me reach to your skin mole with my finger. I see all the magic of you in it. Throught it i feel your heart, see your soul and everything wonderful you have in. You take my hand and begin to kiss it softly.  I remain hypnotized by your slow moves on me, on my skin. And my eyes are into yours. Few words in few whispers arounds us. Til to the end we look at us eachother without says any further words. Unawareness makes we close to us and face to face finally a lips touch. A kiss.


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