Still tonight

winnerlosers_fortewhen i was on the couch, i felt you close to me. My dancing butterflies danced their own dance and i felt you was close to me. I was sleeping, you didnt woke me up, but i felt you was by my side, maybe you just looked at me while i have had my eyes closed. I just felt your hand holds mine. And now i’m here, in my bedroom ours emotions, mine but above all yours arounds me. And if i close my eyes i see you here next to me, i feeling your touch on my heart, and your glance on me. This sensation is making bigger everyday. Im sure you feel the same. It’s something inexplicable but we know it’s ours parallel world. And what we feeling are in ours deepest thoughts, and just when connect eachother we know we can close ours eyes taking a deep breath and right after we are in front eachother and we can look at us eachother and touch us eachother, maybe still standing in front with no add any words. Just our glances and ours soft touches, maybe just few whispers.


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