I felt

winnerslosers_fortedYou from this afternoon. I felt your closeness to me. And my heart has exploded of happiness. You makes me feel so alive. Also with a glance like this one you know how make me feel calm. I closed my eyes several times today, and you was here… looking at me. I felt your glance on me. You droves me crazy. And now i’ve put on my headphones, and everything outside cant distract me i feel you more than ever. I closing my eyes and i feel you taking my hands and yours eyes on me. Ours souls are so closer than ever. You dont know really what effect you have on me. Everyday i thank ours parallel world that connect us eachother in this way. An unique way. I know i’m not crazy and ours connection is real. I know you feeling the same feeling i’m feel. We just close ours eyes and we are in this wonderful world of ours emotions, Ours parellel world. It make itself bigger everyday. In this place i find everyday something about you, and it’s incredible, how’s it wonderful what i see trought your eyes. All that it says me how we are similar. And all that it makes me feel so closer to you and i think, for real, if we meet us eachother one day. If our parallel one day will become ours real world, where for real, we could look at us eachother on ours own eyes as we doing right now in this wonderful world of emotions.


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