mikemccluskie_soloscuriAlways with your smile you’re able to stunning me and with just a glance to taking me in ours parellel world, and with just a sweet whisper to make me feel secure by your side, despite ours distance. I feel you here, by my side, with your glance towards to me. while im writing these few lines. I close my eyes and i feel your arms arounds me behind me and i close my eyes smelling your skin and the rustle of your shirt against my back drives me crazy. Ours bodies so close eachother. I feel your breath make it faster and your hand caress my hair and a soft touch of your lips on my neck leave me breathless, speechless. Your arms, still embraces me. Closing my eyes, you turns me and when i listen to you saiyng me ‘Open them’ i’m in front of you.  Finally i see your wonderful face, i slowly caress it and gently my hands slide on your chest. Still looking at you i begin to untied your shirt, til to see your bare chest. Ours is a glance game. My finger goes to touch your face til your skin mole. There you take my hand and as a gentleman you begin to kiss it so soflty. I remain breathless and i continue to look at you standing. A whisper ‘How much i needed a man like you’ i say looking at you in your wonderful eyes. My World.


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