smiles_forte3The journey back home, i began to feel you inside of me, in my mind, and my dancing butterflies began their own dance in my stomach. I looked at up the sky and i thought you did the same, despite your sky is blue now on the contrary of mine that is black. I feeling you so close now to me, now by my side in my bedroom and you feel what im feeling. Yes my both legs does hurting me a little, above all the left one.  I know you know what does it means pain. I close my eyes and i see you hand on my legs and your eyes into mine. Your whispers calm me down ‘It will does pass so fast, i assure you’. You smile at me with your smile that it drives me crazy.And you know it. Taking my hand and taking a deep breath, closing ours eyes, slowly we enter in ours parellel world, and there ours souls melting eachother. My pain become also yours and we suffering together.
Your glance in mine and you whisper me, taking my hand, ‘That’s it does means’. We  look of us eachother and i whisper you ‘I love you’.


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