rainbow_forte4Ours connection still stunning me always more. How is it possible i feel you and right after you’re there next to me, by my side, telling me something, taking my hand. And your glance in mine. How is it possible ours connection takes us to ours parellel world, where ours light cant wait to melting eachother in a crazy dance. And we look at up ours eyes to see this dance. We remain speechless, but ours hands hold eachother so tight. And ours eyes look at eachother.
Together we take a deep breath, closing ours eyes and right after we are in front. A whisper from you ‘I really need of you, i need to feel your closeness’. I look at you and i touch on your face. Your soflt skin drives me crazy and you take me my hand to kiss it gently. While you doing, i dive myself into your glance and i touch on your face. My heart beats so faster than ever. Taking my hand to your chest, i can feel yours heart beats like mine. Like a crazy one. We look at us. In this way. We remain in this way for a while. How many things we would like to say us. But ours feelings are bigger  than words, and we remains motionless in front of us. Eyes in eyes. Faces in ours hands and just ours breath. A kiss.


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