How does is

solare_solochiaro3Possible your glance contains such sun inside, exploding in me? And your joyful reaches to me just trought a picture of you, like this one. I could dive myself in your eyes and to be the most girl happy in the world. Your eyes, your glance or in whatever you want call it, makes me feel really alive. And in yours eyes i always found ours parellel worldย  where ours sensantions can express themselves freely. In them i can see your soul and is one of the purest i’ve ever seen. Dont ever change. Remain as you’re.
In these fewest hours i understood something, maybe, you still didnt. But it doesnt matter now. But i understand something about of us and that it’s really counts. Taking a deep breath and closing of ours eyes and above all together, we enter in ours parellel world. And now that’s really counts. We, in ours world. We with ours feelings. Yes i feel you close to me but a little vague. But in this right istant, it’s incredible, how i feel you closer to me. I felt like a twirl arounds me! You whisper my name. It was like you elevates me and i was arounds by yours lights, like a warm hug. How is it possible i felt this right now?ย  I see your eyes in mine and it’s like you look at me for real. I almost blushing myself and my heart stops it. We are get connecting eachother, in this moment? … everything in in me exploding… I feel ours lights comes and goes trought ours hearts, souls but above allย  ours minds. ‘Thisย  drives me crazy’ i whisper you, closing my eyes.


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