How i

owen01sovrappostowould like stay in this way to talk to you, maybe in ours parallel world where nobody else cant enter. This ours world we have create to share ours deepest thoughts and feelings. You with your bare chest and you look at forward, while i look at you and i dive myself in your glance and in air i  your smell and it inebriates my senses. While you continue to talk to me i put my hand on your leg. Your eyes meets mine for a while. You smile me and you put your hand on mine, slowly you hold it tightly. In this hold, i feel your desire of me, but we remain in this way with no add any further words. We look at ours hands hold eachother. Our hearts begin to beats so faster. So slowly we look at up ours eyes and finally ours glance into eachother. Breathless and speechless, ours souls exploding. It happening in a while. You kneel in front of me, taking my face. Face to face, i dive myself in your eyes and you dive yourself in my eyes. There ours parallel world meeting the real world, when ours lips touches eachother in a longest kiss we give us.
An only whisper of both of us ‘I love you’.


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