What do

longjohn_northern_lightsYou think in these hours? I’m thinking of you. And i know your mind is in a little confusion. I feel it, as you know it. In these hours i thinking about you so strong. I know you would like run away from the social conventions, and you would like come in ours parallel world, and stay  embraced in my arms and no say anything, just whisper just few words. My love, you can do it. You must go far from the place your are in this moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath as i’m doing right now at the same time with you. And when open ours eyes we are in front of us and our light arounds us and it’s just we need. We touch on our heart and we can feel they beats so fast together. And ours souls become one soul. My breath, here becoming so. fast and i close eyes, i feel you next to me. But i feel something, wherever you are, blocks you. Your glance is towards me. I see you, i try to take your hand to make you enter in ours parellel world. I feel your soul, your heart, your mind are towards to me. Maybe you’ll can do later, when all that it has passed. Ours distance it’s ours only obstacle. But my love how i feel you here close to me, and how i feel your desire to embrace me so tight. I feel you.


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