They are

australiafox_fortevery strong feelings these i’m feeling right now. Maybe im repeat myself till death, but i feel your soul arounds me, and if i close my eyes i can see you next to me, by my  side and i feel your hand on mine. You take it and you hold it so tight. I can feel you want tell me something important, but you cant ‘til we dont enter in ours parellel world together. We know how to do, despite ours distance. Just we must close ours eyes at the same time and take a long breath and we are in. We know it, we did at the same time. And we are in ours parellel world. What we feel is the strongest feelings we feeling for both of us. We have began to feel this from december, but just lately it’s became stronger than ever. I close my eyes and i see you by my side, you take my hands, looking at me with yours wonderful glance. In ours world, ours hearts beats so faster and in unison. All that it does means we are really connected eachother. I dont know where are you now, but  i know the most important ethereal things of you are here, next to me and i feel you in the strongest way i never felt it. It’s incredible how i feeling you in this moment. I could you touch your skin, if i strecth my arms, closing my eyes. I could touch on yours chest and a i could slide my hand into your blue shirt and i could touch it.
How i feel you so close to me. Almost i cant hold back my tears. I close my eyes and you’re here. Just a whisper from me to you ‘I love you’.



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