You whisper

micheal_fortemy name and i close my eyes and i see you in front of me, taking your hand and looking into your glance, smiling at you we enter in ours parellel world. With no say anything else you take my hands to your heart, i feel it beats like a crazy one. I speechless and breathless i caress yours chest and you let me do it. Slowly i slide my hand in your shirt untied. You remain in silence, while that piece of cloth begins to slide over your arms and it remains there.¬† You speechless, me breathless. Our breath begins to make so faster. Eyes in eyes. You would like to say me something but i stop you before you talk putting my finger on yours mouth. Then you kiss it softly. ‘Dont add anything at this moment’ i whisper you, looking at your eyes.
Ours mouths meet eachother in a kiss so passionate. Right after we look at us and take a long breath. We still touch on us. Me, you. Ours hands on ours skin. It’s a long moment. It’s seems timeless.
I whisper you something like ‘how is it possible? From the day i noticed that, i thought to feeling you less, instead i feel you so closer to me… tell me what’s happening.’
You looking at me, you take my face in your hands, and i dive myself in your glance, waiting for your answer. Just a whisper ‘I miss you, i need you, i really need of you, what can i do? I love you’



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