It’s strange

8_forteWhat i’m feeling in these days. You always close to, by my side, despite what you told me, i feel you need more need of me. I close my eyes and i see you by my side and you take my hand, looking at my eyes, try to talk to me about yours feelings , and what happens around you. We close ours eyes and in while, as in whisper, we are transported in ours parellel world. And there, all ours fears, doubts and every bad thought escapes away. We does exist us. Just us. I look at your eyes. Your hands takes mine. Here it does exists just ours souls and ours hearts and just ours glances.
Your eyes into mine an my hand on your chest. I feel your heart beats like a crazy one, and your hand touch on my face. You open a little your mouth to whisper me something, but i know already what it is. ‘I need you too, more than ever, now’ i whisper you, looking at you. I see yours glance. You cant hold back some tears from your face, they falls down. I try to be stronger for both of us. And  i dry your tears with a finger. ‘Dont leave, stay by my side, whatever strange thing i’ll do, i need of you. Uphold me’. Your eyes into mine, your lips close, almost touches mine. ‘I’ll do it’…. and right after you kiss me so passionately.



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