glance_sommaYou begin to whisper my name and i begin to feel you, inside of me. Your smell arounds me and i must just to close my eyes to feel you and you take my hands. I look at your glance and i lost myself in it. In your eyes there is ours parellel world, and i must to look at them, we take flight in. And this music we are listening to  are ours souls melting eachother. I remain speechless eachtime i look at your eyes. They speaks alot about your feelings. What you would like to do. My heart begin to beats like a crazy one. You take my face in your hands and my hand touch on your chest, going up till your face. My finger touch on softly your lips.Kindly and breathless you open slowly your mouth, but my finger goes futher, caress your skin, up to your skin mole. and there caressing it, i close my eyes, whispèring ‘How much i love you’. Then you take my hand to your chest. Your eyes in mine. You take a deep breath closing your eyes,  you always hold my hand. Then you open them and with taking a long breath, you whisper me ‘You’re the only woman i really loved’ then you lips touches mine in the longest kiss you gave me. You dont want leave me. I hold you tight.



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