Always here

giacca_forte-1You next to me. I feel you always present in my heart, in my soul and above all in my mind with my dancing butterflies. From i woke myself i’ve this image on my mind: you run to me. In front of me, for a while, you remain still, your eyes in mine, then you take my face in your hands and you kiss me so passionately. I breathless, speechless, tasting your lips, i touching your chest trough your shirt. And still breathless, you look at me. Your glance into mine, says me everything you feel in this moment. Your desire to stay with me, in silence.  We just  enter in ours parallel in this way, almost in trance. Ours feelings speaking, and we can just look at us eachother, with no add any words. Hands in hands. Eyes in eyes. And that shirt slowly falls down on the floor along the way. And just ours feelings becoming like crazy. We feel what we feel eachother, just looking at us. Just few whispers among us. Little whispers leaving us breathless and speechless. Ours parellel world is more alive than ever. And we are in it, living in ours way what we feeling for eachother, and what we feel is so stronger than ever.


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