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grayhoundii woke up myself i feel you here, close to me. How is it possible? From yesterday i feel your closeness, despite i dont know where are you. Tell me you’re okay. This feeling is more stronger than before. I close my eyes and i can see you, hear you, touch you. My dancing butterflies are dance their own dance in my stomach and from yesterday i thinking hardly to you.  Besides what you told me, i feel you so close to me. And this sensation, i do believe it will be so hard to leave. We are so connect us, in these lastest hours. If we close ours eyes at the same time, we enter in ours parellel world. And there you can whisper all what are thinking in these moments. I can touch on your soft skin, and you do the same. You dive yourself in my glance, whispering ‘Just with you, i’m feel in a peaceful place’ and holding me tight, always eyes in eyes. I blush for a while. I touch your face so softly, you take my finger to your skin mole and you cant hold back some tears. I whisper you ‘I will be by your side’ and i touch your lips with all my gentlyness. Our lips meet eachother in one of the most sweetest, gently and passionate kiss we give ourselves ever.


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