You woke me

*up two times this morning. With your voice in my soul, in my heart, begans  beats like a crazy one. I didnt check your usual social media, but i felt you there and you was close to me more than ever. And you’re still close to me. I feel you. If i close my eyes i see you by my side. Ours last kiss was so passionate and i want to touch on your  again your chest trought your silky shirt. Your glances for me. And in a moment we enter in ours parellel world. Touching your skin mole you drive me crazy with your smell. Despite your distance i hear your whisper me ‘Im here next to you, and i will be always’. The sensations i feelings right now is making bigger. I cant explain it to me. But yes, you’re here by my side, and i feel your hands on my body. Above all in my soul And that warm thing i feeling i know is your glances on me. Despite you’re far from me. I feel your desire to be near to me. It’s like mine.
Does  will, arrives that day, when finally we can meet us eachother, in silence, just with ours glances we could say us everything we feel eachother, and with ours hands we could touch on us so soflty.
Does it will  arrives one day?


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