I calling you


And i begin to feel you. You look at me this way. By my side and i close my eyes and suddendly i feel your hand that takes mine. Your skin is so soft and you whisper me ‘Look, im here’. Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way. Our eyes in eachother. My breath makes faster. Ours parellel world waits for us. For a while in silence, we smiles eachother. And right after we enter in ours magic world. Where a moltitude of colors around us and a warms it welcomes us. You take my hand to your chest and i touch on trought the white silky shirt you have on. Closing my eyes i hear your heart beats so fast like a crazy one. I look at you in silence. Ours glances meets eachother. Breathless i can feel your desire. It’s like mine. We want kiss us. But we still waiting for. We look at up at the sky and we see ours souls melting eachother so slowly.A moltitude of colors dancing together. And just to the end where in ours parellel world we just exist us. We look at eachother and so slowly, kindly, softly, we take us ours faces in ours hands and we approaches us eachother. A while in suspension, that it seems eternity, we look at us eachother, mentioning us eachother a smile. Then ours lips meets ours souls and together, we explodes us in ours love.


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