You in this

SaveScuroWay. Your looks in mine. I love when your eyes are just for me. I see in them a sparkle light and it illiuminates me from inside and i see ours parellel world in them. I just need to dive myself in your eyes to enter with you in it.
I love when it’s so easy escape from this world, just look at your eyes, also if i dont feel close to you, as im doing right now, as i would. I feel you a little far. But it doesnt matter, because i feel ours thin rope is always linked to us eachother. And if i take a long breath and i close my eyes i feel something it calls you to me, and whatever you doing, you stop yourself and your thought reaches to me and i begin to feel you. I close my eyes and i take your face in my hands. For a while we look at us eachother, just in this way. In silence and ours souls melting eachother so slowly and ours breath make it thinner, letting us eachother speechless.
It was enough a thought of mine and we were been together. I love this ours connection…. just ours thought about us and suddendly we’re been together.


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