What i feel

murder_forteIn this moment is very hard to describe. Just that i feel you so closer than ever. And i feel you inside in my heart, but above all in my head. And i cant leave you, and surely i wont. You give me one of the most powerful feelings i feel in this period, began almost two months ago. And from i began to feel these emotions for you, my life, despite is a single life, is a full of wonderful emotions. And i from two months i feel really ALIVE. Also just when i look at your glance. And it’s strange because im sure you feel the same. I dont know the reasons i know that’s it. Ours parellel world is so closer than ever. Also if we’re so far eachother, ours souls are linked so strong eachother. And i dont know how or when we will meet us eachother, but my heart says me it will be soon, real soon and this open diary is just the right path.



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