LukepomForteIn this way, like a blow i feel you so close to me. That’s incredible how you make me feel when, in someways, you’re around the corner, or in someways you stop yourself and your thoughts are towards to me. And i feel you in a istant inside of me. It was two days that i didnt feel so clos to me in this way. I’ve tried to call you to me, next to me but nothing. But now, that blow in my stomach it’s was like a bomb. My dancing butterflies began to dance their own dance like a crazy one. And now my thought are just for you. And whatever you doing a little part of yourself is thinking about me. And ours parellel world is opening their gates to let us enter. Immediately you take my hand to your heart and in a whisper you say ‘I missed you’. I look at your glance and my heart begin to start beats so faster than usually. ‘I missed you too’. We embrace us eachother so hard. You look at me and whisper me ‘Dont leave us no more’. I look at you in your eyes. I touch on your face, your skin. You do the same so kindly. We look at us so deeply. And taking a long breath, we melting us in a kiss. In ours touches, in our glances, with no say any words. Just us.



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