If with those eyes

DxJDa7gX4AIydqFortehYou look at me in this way, i could lost myself , but im sure you would by my side and together we enter in ours parellel world where we dont lose us. In your eyes i can see something real magic and it’s ours lights melting eachother, and what we feelings goes beyond love.
Now im writing in this open diary, i’ve opened this path to reach to you, to your heart, to feel yours real deepest thoughts. Now i taking a long breath and in your eyes i see a world so beautiful, peaceful. And your whispers sounds like bird songs, and i listening to them speechless. You whisper me phrases i never heard from anybody else. You taking my hands. Your skin so soft. I could remain to look at you like this, for hours, with no say any words, but just touch on your chest, and i know you wouldnt do any resistence, on the contrary you hold my hand to your heart whispering me ‘It beats just for you’. Breathless and speechless i look at you, and my heart explodes inside. Eyes in eyes, closer than ever we taking ours faces in hands, listening to this music, we take flight in the longest, gently, soflt, tender  a such passionate kiss we have had never gave us.



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