It’s from

Michea_pluniforme3this afternoon that, despite your distance, i feel you so close to me, almost by my side, next to me. And you leave me breathless, also a little in confusion. My dancing butterflies are crazy. And what i’m feelin right now is just you, altought you’re there it’s like you was here. Here and you looking at me without saying any words. Just looking at me. You make feel beats my heart like a crazy one. Gently i take your hand to my chest and i whisper to you ‘It’s you. You make me drive crazy’. You mention a smile  and caress my face, always in silence. And so kindly you kiss my lips. We remain breathless in that moment where ours hearts and souls meet eachother. I need to stay in this way for a while. You embrace me so stronger. I can hear your breath making slowly more faster. For a while we meet us eachother in ours eyes. And there we enter in ours parellel world, where anybody cant divide us eachother. There we are just us and ours glances. Just us and nobody else,
… How i feel you so close to me right now. I just cant believe it.


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