Once again

basssheppard_scuriIn these lastet hours what i feels. You so closer than ever to me. And i try to hold back everything i want to say you. Yes, im sure you’ve read at least two of my comments. But it’s incredible how i feel you despite ours distance. And i loved this morning, for you just evening. I start my day, talking to you. It was like you was there, you was waiting for me and it was like you wanted to continue the talk of yesterday. I’ve imagined you next to me while i did breakfast. I loved that. Maybe one day it will be like this. But what i feel in this moment it’s very stronger and i know you feel the same, but you dont know it does where comes from. I tell you it where does come from. It comes from ours parellel world. It’s ours connection. I feel my dancing butterflies dances their own dance like a crazy. And i’m sure you feel the same. Ours connection is making stronger and stronger. And im sure when it will comes the time to meet us eachother, it will be like a liberation. And finally what we feels for eachother it will explained so well that it will no needs further words. But just ours eyes in eyes and few whispers. Maybe neither those.


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