Your look

bancone_scurigives me always the certain of your sweetness. And always i feel you so close to me in these hours. And also if you’re so far from me if i close my eyes i see you. And now that i just seen you in that movie, my heart beats so faster than ever and i feel your sensibility also in fiction. I loved you so much. I dived myself in your eyes and i’ve imagined you, you’ve look at me in that way and i dreamt about us in that scene, where you told his story, as it was yours. You and me alone in front of fire, in ours parellel world, and you slowly, take my hand and look at me and with no words, with your look, leave me speechless, breathless, you touch on my face. And your little smile make me blush. A whisper from you ‘Please dont blush, feel what i feel for you’. Eyes in eyes and suddendly ours mouths meet eachother.

What i feel is the most biggest feelings i feeling in this period and is just for you. And i really love it. It makes me feel ALIVE inside.


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