instagraabs_lsolochiariiYes, i can admit, what i felt, it was a dark feelings but now i know it was due to you  for close a door ad open another one. Now what i feeling is cleaning and what i feel i more brillant than what i felt last night. And now my feelings are more colored than the black’s . And now if i close my eyes and i take a long breath, i can see you coming to me. And i can hear you whisper ‘I’m sorry, for what you felt last night’.
We are in ours parellel world. Here we can look at us into ours eyes. You touch on my face, my skin. Taking my hands, you want hold me tight. I let you do it. Now i want everything is you. Skin to skin, eyes in eyes, breath and whispers from both. And now you and i want ours souls melting eachother. And what we waiting for is just ours look into ourselve. You take my face, and again  you say me ‘Im so…’ i stop you before you complete what you wanted say me. ‘It’s ok, it has passed away’. We must to look forward, and what is important is what we feel for eachother. Right now. Ours parellel love.


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