A sense

Letters_esclusioneof solitude suddendly, has pervaded me, and i thought to you. I dont know why. If i close my eyes i feel you, yes, i do, but in a strange way, like a black stone was launched in our parellel world and its blackness colorsĀ ours white path. We look at us and something like a strange force wants to divide us. I’m just here writing my feelings, but i really don’t know what to think. You’re so far from as i’m. Maybe i must to take a long breath to calm me down. I close my eyes and try to figure you that you take my hand and whisper ‘it’s all ok, it’s be fine’. But i cant hold back my tears.
Since i began to feel what i feel when you’re close to me, this is the worst feeling i have had. Few words in conclusion ‘I love you, dont leave me ‘.


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