What i feeling

9f71ForteRight now has growing so fast in me. and i know you thinking about me or something like that. I ‘m sure you read the only replies you got about your lastest tweets. I think you love to read the replies we writing to you. And maybe get an idea what we think. And maybe to imagine how we are.
I told you if ever we meet us what we would do. I’m sure ours talk would so interesting. We can talk about everything, but above all about ours life experiences. I’m sure we can look at us  and you would take my hand and you begin to tell me your story. And i dive myself in your eyes,  Not saying any word i come closer to you to touch on your  face. You let me do it. You continue to tell me your story. We look at us eachother. For a while you stop yourself. You take my hand to your heart. It beats like a crazy one. Unaware, i know, you told something you never didnt say anyone. I look at you into your eyes in silence. A moment. Then your hand touch on mine and i begin to talk, but just before, suddendly, your mouth is on mine and a whisper just after. You say me ‘I looked for you for long time, and now here you’re, don’t ever leave me’.


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