CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100I feeling right now, it’s like a bomb exploded inside of me. I’ve checked your usual channel, but nothing. But what im feelin is very strong. I dont how explain it to you.
Maybe there is no doesnt needs, because you feelings the same whatever you doing and wherever you are. You stopped yourself. Maybe you whispered my name looking up at the sky and i felt you. And ours connection has begin. Just with your whisper and i heardt it in that moment you thought about me, and ours parellel world gates opening themselves, to let us in. In ours world, we look at us eachother, and you take my hand to your heart and in a whisper ‘I really needed you. I left everything to come to you. I really needed to stay with you. Just with you, in ours world, Embrace me’.  While you say it i just dive myself in your wonderful eyes. Slowly i come to you and finally we embrace us so tight. We remain here breathless, speechless. Just like in this way. And we can smell ours own skin with slight breaths.


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