I’ve just

owen7scuro-1wrote that i didnt feel you close to me and suddendly,  you’re exploded in me, as bomb. Now i can feel you so close and you showed yourself for a second on twitter.
Now i have to realize, for real, there is something it goes beyond among us. And i cant help it. My soul call you now i know you can hear it for sure. Im speechless, breathless. My feelings drives crazy for this thing that has began, almost for to fill my days. Now i know it’s something more than a simple sensantions. I know i have had this kind of feelings since i was a child, but never they show themsleves in a strong way like they doing with you. I just ask myself ‘Do you feel the same?’. What i feeling in this moment is very strong and i think this kind of connection is among two people who does feels the same feeling at the same time. Now i dont flying just with my fantasies, but it’s something more REAL. My head explodes, full of strange questions. I trying to find some realistic answers to calm myself, but i dont find anything that can give me some real peace.
Those feelings i feel right now and you that knocks to my heart, my soul, my head with just your presence, by my side, it does thrills me. I have a just an anwser at many questions with no reply. Ours parellel world existes for real.


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