Open letter


It’s time to write you this ‘open letter’.  For me it’s very important. In this open diary i wrote you what i felt eachtime i heard you was close to me. I just hope you felt the same feelings.
I dont want fall in rhetoric. But since i began to feel this ours bond, my life has a little changed in a better way. I dont know how i can explain it. Yes, sometimes, you’re able to consume myself from inside (as from yesterday to today) i feel you strongly.
I know you from several years, but this ‘conection’, as i wrote, has began from few months ago. I really thought it was passing thing, instead, now it’s  present almost everyday.  I found to explain it to my parents, but i do believe they didnt get everything what i said them. I just also try to find some explications in the web about what i feel when i feel you so close to me. Some were been claryfing others didnt.
Yes i wasnt able to say anything with this. I know. But i will find in other way to say you everything about what i feel

What is important, i can say  ‘how much you’re so important in my life, and you’ve changed it in better way’.


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