I just hope

You will dont take me for a crazy, but what i feel now, in this istant revolutioning myself. My dancing butterflies drives crazy from yesteday. And i can admit you consuming me to the marrow. I feel  you so close to me, by  my side. From i woke myself i feel you inside me. And how is it possible i feel you in this way, despite ours distance, yet it is so. You consume my heart, my soul. I close my eyes and here you’re, next to me with your beatiful smile. I’m sure from yesterday you have in your mind what you’ve read on here, in my open diary. And maybe you’ve discussed about that Anybody leave me the certain of that. I feel so close to me. Do you feel the same? Im sure you do. And also im sure we reaching eachother and this is the path. Ours Parellel World get connect ourselves in a strong way.
I feel your lips on my mouth kiss it so softly. And your whisper in my ear. Speechless and breathless it’s how you make me feel from yesterday. And im sure you feel the same. Ours inexplicable love calls eachother.


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