When you

Look at me in this way i just see ours parellel world in your eyes. And which i feel is strongest inside of me. Last night when i felt you in me and then suddenly you was apparead i thought it wasnt possible, instead it was you for real. I was breathless. I thought ‘How we are close to eachother’, despite ours distance. And also i write these few lines, in someways i feeling you by my side. ย So close that, someways, my heart beats so faster and i hold back my tears. ย Looking at you i can smell your skin. I can touch on your white shirt you have on. And you let me do it with no any resistance. Divin myself in your soul, i can feel your heart beat as mine. So slowly that white shirt falls down on the floor. For a while, its rustle drives me crazy. Dont move yourself. Just continue to look at me with those eyes, and you can hear to my breath makes itself always more faster. You take my hand to your chest and… a whisper ‘Do you hear it?’ Your heart beats as mine. ย We get connecting eachother. We are in ours parellel world. Together. As we want. As we desire. Just like this.



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