I feel you so stronger in me… And in fact you are around here and there. Today i feel ¬†you inside of me like a velvet fire that caress my heart and my soul. If i close my eyes i just see the white color, as silk around me. and behind that white silk veil, i can see you toward your hands to me. You make dance this white veil around me. My heart beats so faster than before. I can see you throught this veil. I can see your shape. Trought this veil you touch on me. You can see me. I can hear your kind laugh. You take me trought the veil. You make me dance. My feelings explodes themselves. I see you throught this silky veil. You whisper me kind words. They make me feel speechless. You walking around me. For a while you stay behind me. Whispering in my ear something you never say to anyone. Your bottoms desires, your secrets, your thoughts. Your arms hold me tight. I remain breathless. My heart would runs aways. It explodes everytime you say something. And i would look at your eyes. I need your presence. Here right now. And i know your’re here. I feel your closeness in my heart, in my soul, in my mind. I need to look at you. Let me feel more breathless. Leave this white veil and let me show you. For a while silence. And then this veil falls on the floor. Then just you, without any shirt on. And as if we were far we embrace so strong. A look into our own eyes then the kiss we waited for from long time.


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