Tell me

A story where we are the principal actors. Tell me how’s been our first meeting, how ours hearts tell themselves that ours souls were been created just to connect eachother. Look at me and whisper you waited for this time for all your, life as i did.  Take my hand. Let me touch on your skin. Ours heart beats so faster. I close my eyes and you’re close to me, i smell your skin, and i hear rustle of your shirt behind me, you hold me tight. Me in your arms. Breathless. You behind me, whisper me so gently your desire. You lips on my neck. So slowly you turn me. In front of you, dive myself in your eyes, where i see my soul reflect itself. I whisper ‘Is there, our parellel world?’. Say anything you come closer to me, and take my hand to your chest. Trough the shirt voluptuously untied, i feel your heart. For a while i look at you. ‘That’s ours parellel world’ you say me in a whisper. Then you look at me, mentioning a shy smile. ‘Hold me tight’ i say you.



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