The connection

NickCaveI felt today i didnt ever hear so stronger. It was like a bomb exploded inside of me. I was doing other things and suddendly you was in me, next to me. As now, that i’m start to calling you and i start to feeling you. I love this ours connection. I just need to begin to write few words in this open diary and i begin to feel your closiness. If i close my eyes i can feel your presence by my side. If i close my eyes, i can feel you take your hand on my shoulder and i can see you mention a smile. I feelย  you caress my face and turns this chairย  to you. You kneeling in front of me. Taking my hands. And one of these you take to your chest and with a whisper you say me ‘Can you feel it?’ Throught your t-shirt i just can feel your heart beats faster as mine. We look at eachother into ours eyes, forย  a while. That moment suspended. Where we get eachother in our parellel world. That moment where we get everything about ourselves. About ours feelings for eachother. Where we get ours smiles can say everything with no say anything. Dive ourselves into ours look and we remain speechless, breathless. We can just touch ourselves with just our hands. I take your hand to my chest whispering ‘Can you feel it?’ My heart exploding. You embrace me so strong. ‘Please stay in this way forever’ i say you.
But first you look at me so kindly then you kiss me so tender.
So in this way, in our parellel world. So close to eachother.


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