Which matter

forte-sq-e1450302296540Now is that i begin to feel you. Slowly but i do. Which matter is you begin to feel me. Whatever you doing, stop youself. Looking around you. Look up at the sky and thinking about to something is in your heart. And you are aware to know what is. It’s me, im calling you. Inside of me, i know, you feel that strange feeling, as i feel it.
Since we entered in new dimension of our parellel world, our connection is get more thin than ever. And everytime we call us eachother, we hear it immediately. And now i just called your name. I just felt you heard it, and that’s our connection. I just wanted to hear your heart beats as mine. From slow to faster than ever. I feel also the air, the new one, always more present than before around us. I close my eyes and i can see you. I can take your hand to me. And you caress my face. Slowly you whisper me the most kind word i heard from a guy. And that guy is you.
Just looking at you, i can say ‘I love you’. But i know, you know, my feelings, our own feeling we feel eachother goes on beyond that words.


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