The Pirates

Which i got from them? Such things. Yes, they were so violent, i admit. Their violence was so rude, but is their politic i really appreciate so. The equality of every member of the crew. Yes, it was a captain, a quartiermaster, but they could be changed in any time, if the crew believed if they did something wrong  against the crew itself.  The saying ‘We are on the same boat’ it comes from them.
Each member of the crew had the same rights as the captain.
The ‘equality’ of the pirate life is one of the things we lost in this era. I repeat, i know they were so rude, violent, but i think, im sure they fought also for the ‘equality’ rights, where they did meet people who tought had ‘different rights’  between normal persons, among which pirates.
I love pirates so much. I consider myself a pirate too.


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