you told me last night, with me it will be a secret. Dont worry. Everything you tell me it will die with me, in my heart. Finding you in my countryhouse it’s been a wonderful thing to me. As a dream comes true. Talk to you as old friend, is what i would do with you. You that talk to me, with no shame, and i listen to you, just close to you. Just looking at your eyes. Eager to take your hand, while you said me which you told me, it was  so hard to dont make it. But i did it. I just look at you, while you talked to me.
Your voice. Your whispers. your eyes into mine. And what i heard from you with no problems, it seemed unavoidable for you.
I wanted to hug you so much, but i didnt.  I asked myself ‘Why?’. I thought it was better in this way. I was in front of you. I’ve touched your knees, while you talked to me.
You seemed happy thou. Are you happy now? Maybe  you got rid of a burden. I really ever dont know.
Everytime you want share a secret. You can tell me everyting you want.
I’m here for you.



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