You make

Feel this way. Your eyes, your whisper, your voice. your look. your eyes into mine. Your look sincere. I see in all that our parellel world. I feel you, despite our distance.
I feel you look up the sky and you hear me i calling you. I listen to your voice repeat this simple phrase, but it does mean so much for both of us. ‘I love you too so much’. And this you know already. We feel that same emotion. I loved you since i seen you the first time.
Im not sure when you felt it…maybe that time…when…
But for sure, you felt something, and our connection has began in that moment.
Our souls began to get connected eachother in that exact moment we felt something new inside of us. The dancing butterflies has began to dance their own dance. And our souls felt that thin rope would unites us in that ‘special way’.
Your and mine ‘I Love You’ said in the same time, in different places, has united our hearts in a indissolubly way.
That i feel right now as you do.




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