I remain really breathless. Yes, im a sensitive person since i was born. But that nearness i’m having with you makes feel breathless. Also late night, while i was watching tv i felt my dancing butterflies in the stomach. I was thinking  about you immediately. But i was stunned by the sleep. In front of tv i often rest myself sleeping. When i felt you. I was happy. Everytime i feeling you in me, im very happy. You make me feel happy everytime we get eachother. I heard you call me. …

And when i came in my bedroom with my music we could listen to just us. You surprised me once again. You was on twitter and you’ve posted that picture on your instagram just in the exact time i heard you in me.

How is it possibile?? For real. How is it possible all that? And i still hearing you.

Maybe you’ve seen my jpg i’ve sent you trought twitter or you’ve seen it on instagram and maybe you mentioned a smile thinking about me.

And i thinking about which you wrote to describe the picture you’ve sent.  ….’Amigos’… now i metion a smile and i think when i got that pic i’ve sent to your friend first then to you this night…

If was they just concidences?? They are not concidences. I still hearing you because you’re online!!! 

May i sincere? This thing scare me a little. But i have a simple question: are you a sensitive person?  Do you feel i hearing you?  Do you see our parellel world as i do??





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