You are wonderfully


Handsome.With this simple look you gave me a such emotion that i wasnt able to hold back some tears. They fallen down from my face. Tears of my sincere love for you. And now im thinking about you more than ever. I would like convince myself that we are connected. Im feel you close to me in these hours. Our souls dancing together higher in the sky. And we feel eachother. In some way.

…then that shirt… it seems you want to provocate me. I love this game you play with me. My  desires are many, and i know you know it. In this moment i would live to feel something more about love. And i know, as you do, you could give me a such great emotion i really need. Also with a little smile, a whisper. I need your voice talks just to me.

It’s wonderful always more close to eachoter…  Thank you so much once again for everything you still giving to me every day, every single moment of the day and of the night.

Sincerely Daria

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