Some feelings

you make them try only you, and i cant help it to feel how i much i miss you in these hours of the day. I woud like to be just with you in our parellel world in the silence of the night, just you and me and just our feelings. Which we feel for eachother. Just hear to our hears beats so fast and our connection. Just watch you today it was a such emotions for me. Rembember that few days ago you’re read my comment on your blog and you put your like on it, make me feel like excited. That eyes on my few words. And now i look into your eyes. Your sparkle light. How much i missed to see you light for real. I’m happy to see you’re good and your happiness arounds me.  I really hope one of these day you could read these few lines i’m writing to you everyday.

Sincerely Daria

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