the sky as im doing right now. Our dancing lights melting eachother, as our souls. Our music get us in our parellel world, where i whisper you ‘today i always felt you’. My soul was consumed by the dancing butterflies. And now i starts to feeling you again. Which i feel for you by now you know it. As i wrote you many times, i hope we could meet eachother so we can see together our lights. Touch on our faces, smile at eachother. And with no shame talks about everything we want. Tell  eachother our bottom secrets. Also dive ourselves into our own eyes saying any words. To find how much love we have for eachother, just look at our eyes. Often do not talk is the better way to express our own feelings. I just need to dive into your eyes to say everything i feel for you. Just i need you, i would like to whisper to you sweet word and feel your warm hug. It’s just i really need right now.


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