It’s in



this way… and that’s make me smile. And i drive crazy for that. We have a ‘special bond’ that unites us, since we met the first time and you have strengthened with your little gestures and i still cant believe has happened to me, but it did. And i metion a smile with you and we get connect eachother it’s a such beautiful thing we cant still explain eachother but it’s happens. Maybe you rembember about me. Maybe you had take a look at this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicate to you. Maybe you have mentioned a smile to all that. I dont know. But i’m sure we have a ‘special bond’ that unites us. And i’m sure, while i’m writing to this ‘open diary’, i’m building a ‘bridge’ to reach to you. And i’m sure you’re happy that i do that thing. Those australian visualizations aren’t a case. I know, it’s you. And i still smile as you do.


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