The Universe


which destiny has reseverd for us? I still dont know. But i’m sure it has great plans for us. Our parellel world is so big. When we get connect eachother it is so beautiful. I’m able to hear you laughing. It makes me feel so happy. Our dancing butterflies dances together. I laugh with you if also im so far. I still shake my head, im incredulously. The universe has building something big for us. Im still hear you. Looking at you i see something i really need. It’s a real love and you are the only person who could give me in this period of my life. And you giving me that everytime we get connect eachother. That feel i hear when you’re close to me is the most beautiful thing that a guy like you could give me. I hope that feel never ends. It makes feel happy, beloved by you, if also i’m aware you dont know me… or do you? I know which feelings i have for you and ‘that strange thing’ i’ve called our parellel world and i really need of this everyday, everynight and everytime i feel we get connect eachother im feel complete. You make me feel in this way. I want  whisper you one thing. ‘I love you’


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