I still cant believe


it happened two times today. The first it was when i was sleeping and the second one, few minutes ago. I felt ¬†you. My dancing butterflies in my stomach Do you feel the same emotion, as i do? How it could be possible that eveytime you use twitter or instagram i hear you inside me, here so far from you. Since i rembember, my dad called me ‘little witch’, cause i felt of things that then happened. Since i’ve met you and since we have that ‘kind’ of bond that i still cant explain to myself, i feel you. It does starts that sensation inside of me that leaving me breathless. My heart starts to beats so fast and i cant help it. Then i check your favorite social and you was there few minutes earlier. How it could be possible that i feel you in this way?? I remain always breathless. Maybe it’s real we have own parellel world, where we feel eachother if also we are so far. Maybe we communicate in this way. I feel you. ‘Do you feel me?’ ask myself.


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