Look at me


and i should drive crazy for your way you look at me. In your eyes i can see your desire. Say anything you say you want a hug from me. Come closer to you. I look at your eyes. Just a little shy smile and you let in my arms. Just a whisper ‘I’ve missed you’. Dive myself into your eyes and i caress you face. Touch on your lips meanwhile my mouth come closer to kiss you. I hear you breathless. You whisper again ‘I really need you’ and take my hand to your heart. It beats so fast as mine. Our dancing butterflies starts their dance in our stomachs. We feel our souls get connect eachother. You say me ‘I want to be with you’. ‘Me too’. We embrace us so strong. This embrace is our embrace. We feel eachother also we’re so far. I look at you and the only question on my mind is ‘ when we could meet eachother?’. Because i really want to encounter you eyes for real and to see which will be our real emotions when our eyes will meet eachother for the first time. I really need of you as you do.


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